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    Farming Simulator 2017

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    JCB FASTRAC 8000 V1.2

    Rozmiar: 30 MB

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Wstawił: Tomasz132

Modell: Giants
Änderungen: xXFendtiXx
Scripte: Alex2009, Blacky_BPG, Bonecrusher6, BM-Modding

– IC Control for door and rear window
– Second beacon lihght
– Indicators for working hours, fuel consumption and speed
– Indicators for lighting
– Additional colors for body and wheels
– buyable wider tires
Log is error free
Version 1.2
– Approval mod from Blacky_BPG
– IsoBus terminals by Bonecrusher6
– Beifahrerscript by Alex2009
– DynamicHoses of BM-Modding
– Nokian tires added and tire textures changed
– Lightweight texture matching and shine removed

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