Wstawił: Unknown_User

Model: GIANTS (>90%), Madabub (bonnet for T7.170 range, year 2011), Unknown (base for T7.220 range, year 2012), Unknown (front weights), Spartan086 (weight attachers, fenders, numerous model edits)
Texture: GIANTS (>90%), Madabub (bonnet for T7.170 range, year 2011), Unknown (front weights), Spartan086
Script: Spartan086(cabin controls/suspension), Xentro (dynamicHoses), Alex2009 (passenger seat)
Idea / Concept: Spartan086
Testing: Farmer_Bell, MaXXim, stolenhorizon, Katsuo, Mad4Muck

New Holland Tractors.
2011-2012 models for T5, T6, T7, T8
2015-2016 models for T5, T6, T7 (SWB,LWB, and HD), T8 GENESIS
In total there is 11 models, 40+ engine configurations from 95 to 435 HP. Dual Command (T5), Electro Command (T5,T6), Range Command (T7), Power Command (T7), Ultra Command (T8) and Auto Command (T5,T6,T7,T8) gearbox configurations.

Recommended mods (not required!)
Light Addon by Grisu118 – Vertexdezign
Gearbox Addon by Mogli aka Biedens (v2.0.4.6 or higher recommended)

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