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    Farming Simulator 2017

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Wstawił: Tomasz132

Stevie / Krists

Requires game version 1.4.4
Required mods:
• AAA_UniversalProcessKit
• FS17_RM_Seasons
• FS17_StopMilkSale_1_0
• FS17_PlaceableCarWash
Recommended mods:
• FS17_kotteUniversalPack (Transportation of liquids)
• FS17_joskinBetimaxRDS7500 / FS17_LS540 (from Kastor Food Inc pack for transportation of animals)
Notes and Warnings:
• For the correct work of the map,you need to start a new game.
• If you do not want to play with the Seasons mod, just do not connect it to the map.
• Disconnect other maps in mods folder.
• If you have installed Loco Drive mod earlier, delete it, on the card is already present, it will conflict.
• If you are tired of trains, remove Loco Drive from the mod archive.
Changelog 2.0
• Fixed a problem with not displaying the technique in the garage.
• Fixed information on production monitors.
• Points of fast movement and display of productions are added to the map.
• Improved water.
• Fixed bugs with access to gold bars.
• The proportions of resource consumption in some industries have been revised.
• At some points of loading, the loading speed and hopper volumes are increased.
• The problem with the crane for loading logs has been fixed.
• The translation has been improved.
• Some visual and sound changes.

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