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TechMod, Dz Modding, KriXsmn, Mefluss, SuWolf

Features And Functions:
*New textures
*New Exhaust effects
*Dynamic Hoses
*Fixed animations and new animations
*Added Black Version
*New driving physics
-Full Washable
-Animated joystick
-Motor configurations
-Wheels configurations
-Front hydraulic or weight
-Interactive control
-Steering wheel options
-Opening the door and back window
-Indoor sound
-Passenger mod
-Wipers animation
-Full lights
-Movable front fender
-Adjusting the steering column
-Speedometer and tachometer
-Dust, tire tracks
-And a lot more

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  • (14-08-2017 12:45:06) jat24 pisze :

    nie pobierać od bota

  • (14-08-2017 13:42:25) marcin22 pisze :

    Dlaczego niby

  • (14-08-2017 14:03:35) maslo12 pisze :

    Zdjęcie zajebane od nisma

  • (14-08-2017 16:08:50) yhy12 pisze :

    Dobry ten JD?

  • (14-08-2017 18:34:36) ziomster32 pisze :

    jd 1 klasa najlepszy jaki jest do ls 17 polecam 5/5