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    Farming Simulator 2017

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    GEARBOX ADDON FIXED EDITION (Mod skrzyni biegów)

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Wstawił: Tomasz132

Version 1.5
- repair the server's privacy warnings
- MB3D John Deere 7530
- Repair the empty fuel tank error

New in version 1.1

This version contains a detailed description in German and English, two sample modes and a template for zzzMrGearboxAddonConfig.xm. If you want to change GearboxAddon, you can copy this file to mods folder. There is no need to change any modes.

In addition, version 1.1 is a new fan sound. In the case of sliding gears, the corresponding stitching is appropriate. I thank Knechti for supporting, leading and releasing the sound.

Mod also works in MP. Thanks to Beda6 for testing! The additional configuration file is supported in MP. Just when you only have it on the server.
Changes and fixes in version 1.2

The package now contains the modified version of zzzKeyboardSteer.zip.

And the cruise control key 4 works without a gearbox.

Assistant and course management with fully automated and infinitely variable gears
In all other cases, the course will turn off the device type
Improved gear change; it is less retarded
Fixed torque on PTO
Correction manual link in MultiPlayer
There was no warning when changing gear and manual clutch; instead of GrindingSound
Advanced cruise control function

Version 1.21

The braking was too far when the vehicle is controlled by the hiring officer or course.
Version 1.3

The gearbox now supports combinations. Calculates the required power of the estate. This slows down most combinations. If you do not like it, you can always turn off the gear using Shift-;
Version 1.4

Harvester support improved in version 1.4. Older harvesters work only with a hand throttle (two buttons directly on the backspace key).

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