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    Farming Simulator 2019

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    My Little Valley Version 2

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My Little Valley Version 2

Wstawił: Tomasz132


Hello everyone
Here is „my little valley version 2” compatible mods seasons maps multi fruits
Correction of small beugs
I put your attention that the farm is installed and set for the mods seasons and if possible do not delete anything if you want to make your own farm a large plot is available but will buy it
You will find 31 fields, 4 forests,
You can manufacture your compost, fertilizer, diesel
seeds, pigfood, liquid fertilizer, beetpulp, for your exploitation or sale ….
As well as 2 places for greenhouses and 1 vineyard
You will be able to make oil, bread, beer, malt, milk, washed potatoes, flour, dehydrated grass, and all salable at some points of sale.
You have 1 pasture for your cows that provide milk and pasture for your sheep that provide wool ….
Playable solo or multi
A mining operation installed but not yet functional for now !!!!
and 1 large land that you can buy for new farm or something else ….
Many points of sale for the competition …
After several tests The maps have no bugs and quite functional …
I tell you no more …. I let you discover it !!!!
If you find some small anomalies leave a comment (respectful sherb) and I would do an update but everything works normally …
Good game to all of you !!!!!

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  • (15-09-2019 15:33:50) WojtasGs pisze :

    super mapa, a jesteś w stanie przerobić tą mapę: https://ls-world.pl/mod/details/33868

  • (16-09-2019 20:50:32) MarcinPastucha pisze :

    Najlepsza mapa!!!!!!!

  • (17-09-2019 19:01:16) Dawid0789 pisze :

    Kiedy żwirownia będzie działać? Już nie mogę się doczekać