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    New Holland T8 US

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New Holland T8 US

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Autor NEFG Modding, Ben French, John Deere Modding, Custom Modding

New Holland T8 US GENESIS® T8 tractors are the best choice
for farmers and custom operators alike. They make it possible to
improve efficiency and productivity in all types of fields and in
the most challenging conditions. The revolutionary, precision-designed
front-end allows an impressive 55° turning angle for tight end-of-row
turns. And with the longest wheelbase in its class, the GENESIS® T8
delivers unmatched stability and impressive draft performance. Whether
you’re planting, digging sugar beets, or pulling a grain cart, you can
rely upon your GENESIS® T8 to tackle the toughest tasks and deliver
maximum performance and dependability while doing it. Base price for a
stock T8.320 is $261,000. Options include row crop rims, wheel weights,
smarttrax, suitcase weights, adjustable flashers, premium or stock light
package, and various engine sizes. Horsepower ranges from 320 up to 435.

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