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    Farming Simulator 2019

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    Joskin Cargo Track Pack

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Joskin Cargo Track Pack

Wstawił: Admin

Autor WhiteBull Modding

Joskin Cargo Track can be used as a truck. Also included are 2 attachments. It has 480 hp.
Top road speed is 80kmph. All eight wheels are driven. Mostly it is used for bigger farms and terrains.
Manure spreader is used for manure. Trailer can be used for solid materials, for example wood chips or corn. It comes very handy, because of it’s size. Those attachments are only suitable for Joskin Cargo Track

Joskin Cargo Track:
Price: 205000 €

Joskin Silo Space:
Price: 32.000 €
Capacity: 65 000 l

Joskin Manure Spreader:
Price: 45.000 €
Capacity: 48 000 l
Working Width: 24m

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