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    Farming Simulator 2019

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    Zetor Forterra 11411/11741

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Zetor Forterra 11411/11741

Wstawił: Tomasz132


This is a conversion from 17. There are some errors, but the tractor can be used without any problems.
The conversion is not completed due to the fact that I only started to find out in the game that the model is
quite different from reality.
Which is also the reason why I publish this transfer.
If anyone wants to fine-tune the man’s mod so that it works without any problems, it shouldn’t be too much
– changeable wheel color
– front loader
– front hydraulics / weight holder
– weighs them as part of the mode
– beacon configuration
– engine configuration 11411/11741
– wheel load

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  • (04-12-2020 10:34:36) ReQruPL pisze :

    Środek ciągnika powinien być inny:)

  • (04-12-2020 19:24:48) pablo199520 pisze :

    Ile ma koni a ile jedzie km/h