Mod Test Map V1.0.1.0

Wstawił: Tomasz132


The idea was to have everything needed to test mods quickly.
The headlands on the entire map are a seperate property.

NEW SAVE GAME REQUIRED! Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Added a riding trail around edge of map.
- Added dirt roads and field access.
- Added one of each kind of tree to the tree test area.
- Replaced suspension test area curbs with new speedbumps.
- Added potatos, sugarbeets, sugarcane and +50,000 capacity to the farm silo storage.
- Changed the look of the animal pens, sawmill and BGA areas.
- Added some decoration to map and buildings.
- Added seperation curbs around locations.
- Replaced the lime station with refill stations for:
Seeds, Fertilizer, Lime, water, Liquid Fertilizer and Herbicide.

Starting as a New Farmer you step into a fully running farm
with everything you need to get right to work.
In New Farmer mode:
- You own the entire map to start.
- All animal pens are already installed.
- You have 20 of each animal.(No horses)
- Cow pen has milk, manure and liquid manure.
- Pig pen has manure and liquid manure.
- There is a seperate field for every fruit.
- All fruits are ready to harvest.
- A harvested field with straw to collect.
- A cultivated field ready to plant or plow.
- A patch of 25 trees ready to harvest.
- A wood crusher at the sawmill.
- A main farm with a farmhouse, a farm silo and two sheds.
- There is selling points for everything:
Spinnery, Sawmill, BGA, Animal Dealer, Barn and Bakery.
- BGA has digestate in the tank.
- All the water hoses give water.
- Pressure washer at vehicle shop.
- Field missions on fields when not owned.
- Transport missions.
- You own one each of all pallets from shop.
- 3 egg boxes and 4 wool pallets.
- Own a stack of each kind of bale.
- A starting vehicle for most jobs.
- Gas Station and Refill Station.
- Vehicle test areas:
Slalem, bumps, dirt oval track, car crush and eighth mile drag.

Not New Farmer you get:
- A fun map!
- Field missions.
- Transport missions.
- Gas Station and Refill Station.
- Selling points for everything.
- Vehicle test areas:
Slalem, bumps, dirt oval track, car crush and eighth mile drag.
- And a couple piles of manure.

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