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    Farming Simulator 2019

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    Seed production for realistic seeds v1.0.0.1

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Seed production for realistic seeds v1.0.0.1

Wstawił: Tomasz132


Production for realistic seeds.
This mod produces the different seeds for the mod „Realistic Seeder”. This mod can also be used without „Realistic Seeder”.
The seeds can be sold at Agraz Landhandel (from version
So this production can either be used to equip the sowing machines, if you use „Realistic Seeder”, or for sale.

Construction costs: 300000 € / Daily costs: 100 €
capacity: 100000 l input / 100000 l output
Produces 1000l seed per hour.

Only whole pallets can be removed from storage (2100l), smaller quantities can be removed via the filling pipe.
The desired production lines must be started manually.

This mod works only in connection with Global Company.

Compatible with „Realistic Seeder”.

Changelog version
– Russian translation added
– Minor bugs fixed

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