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Autor Farming with Fluke

Welcome to Rusty Acres.

This is my first attempt at creating a map for FS, its based in the UK.

Rusty Acres features 4 Farms which are..
Maple Farm (Cows)
White Oak Farm (Sheep)
Rosewood Farm (Cows & Sheep)
Ashwood Farm (Pigs)

Some of the Maps Features..
- Horse stables out by the lake.
- Sheep produce Manure at White Oak Farm.
- Small forest.
- Small town and village.
- Pedestrians and Traffic.
- 34 Fields from small to medium.
- Multi-angle Terrain.
- Compatible with 'Manure System' mod by Wopster.
- Full 'Seasons' mod support with 4 differant textures on trees, hedges and foliage in the differant seasons. Also frozen water and snowmen will appear in the winter.
- Compatible with the 'Store Sales' mod by GtX which adds sale signs and flags when a whole brand is on sale.
- 2 main sale points for your crops.
- Manure sale point.
- 2 Bale sale points.
- Sawmill and Spinnery.
- BGA with indoor and outdoor bunkers.
- Custom ground textures.
- Custom Wheat/barley textures.
- Lighting 2.0.

Please enojy.

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