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    Farming Simulator 2019

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    Rustic Acres v1.1

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Rustic Acres v1.1

Wstawił: Tomasz132


Welcome to Rustic Acres. Here you will find 47 small to medium fields thats worker friendly, that stretch across the landscape.
The map has Contracts on all 47 fields,also get a decent starting fleet and a few fields to get you started. 2 grass fields have trees in them
and need to be cleared first, Seasons Ready and custom Precision Farming Ready. An easy place to start farming on several average fields.
It has Placeable areas spread over map for you and is good for multiplayer. This is a fictional map inspired by the way I like to play maps.
There are 2 large forests thats been broken into 3 sections on each one.
Feel free to offer any suggestions as these will be used for improvements on any future updates. Cheers

-Eight crops have been added. They are Millet, Coffee, Sorghum, Rice, Mustard and Rye. Root crops are Carrot and Onion.
-Added my Original Open Animal pens and sheds to the map.
-Free water at pond by horses and up by the Sawmill.

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