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Your backyard is more than a place to mow your lawn.
That's why our spice tractors are built to handle any job on your lawn. With accessories for each season,
you can apply mulch, transport, bagging, plow and more. Because embarrassing the lawn must be an activity all year round.
Fertilizing your lawn just got easier. Let your grass clippings do the work for you
- price: 50,000
- needs power: 60hp
- maximum speed: 25 km / h
- hydraulic option
- optional front loader
- Grid and weights options

748x Mower
- price: 1000
- working area: 1m
- needs power: 30hp

-price: 5400

DH1048 Frontier Grille:
-price: 15000
- required power: 45hp
- working area: 1m

John Deere Spike Aerator
-Price: 8,000
- required power: 10hp
- working area: 1m
-Price: 10,000
-Capacity: 3000L
- power required: 30hp

John Deere Broadcast Spreader
- price: 10,000
- working area: 2.3 m
- needs power: 15hp

John Deere bushel packer
-price: 15000
-Capacity: 3000L
- required power: 25hp
- working area: 1m

Lizard Lamina
-price: 6000
- working area: 1.5 m

John Deere Lawn Mower
-price: 16000
-Capacity: 3000L
- power required: 20 hp
- working area: 1m

Lizard Shell
-price: 1400
- working area: 1m

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