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    Farming Simulator 2019

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    DON 1500 B97 V1.0.0.2

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DON 1500 B97 V1.0.0.2

Wstawił: Tomasz132

Andy Vertlib, Aluha74rus

Combine Don 1500B samples 1997-2004 Large selection of configurations in the store: model year, choice of bunker (6000, 6500, 7000l), choice of wheels, unloading auger, shredders, stacker, towing devices, glass on the cab, heater, two engines (YaMZ-238 and Cummins, when choosing an engine the hood is changed and little things. Side shields are removed. The harvester comes with three grain headers ZhU-6, 7, 8.6, a header for harvesting sunflower and corn PSP-10, and a cart for transporting headers, as well as a stacker of round bales.

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