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    Farming Simulator 2019

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    Vegetables Greenhouse Package

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Vegetables Greenhouse Package

Wstawił: Patryk0427

Autor: ZoddelZockt

This mod brings 8 vegetable greenhouses into the game.

The different greenhouses will produce broccoli, cucumber, kohlrabi, peppers, squash, radishes, spinach and tomato.
In order for vegetables to grow in the greenhouses, seeds, liquid fertilizer, herbicide, water, compost and something to cover them with ( wood chips or bark mulch ) are needed.
Wooden boxes are needed to pack the vegetables.
Biomaterial is produced as a by-product.
The vegetable boxes can be sold at AgraZ Landhandel.

Purchase price: 75000 €, price per day 50 €.

Mod only playable in conjunction with GlobalCompany!

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