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    Farming Simulator 2019

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    MAN F2000 Agrar V1.0

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MAN F2000 Agrar V1.0

Wstawił: Tomasz132

SCS Software, Crownzilla

- 2 Engine configurations (320 hp and 500 hp)
- 3 Sets of wheels
- Horns configuration
- Beacons configuration
- Led lights configuration
- Grill lights configuration
- Decals configuration
- Windshield configuration
- Roofrack configuration
- Roofbar + lights configuration
- Animated doors
- Own sounds
- Cabin color choice
- Rims color choice
- Hubs color choice

- You need SimpleIC mod in order to be able to open the doors and the cabin
- The mod is error free
- Cab folding is removed.
- The model has some visual issues especially in the interior and the wear and dirt textures aren't good but that's what i can do for now. I will try to improve those things for my next mods.
Be sure to check my fb page where all of my mods are released. Also i will be posting pics, work in progress information and probably some modding tutorials.

Link for FB: https://www.facebook.com/fsparadise

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