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    Farming Simulator 2022

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    Massey Ferguson 326 And Valtra 2617

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Massey Ferguson 326 And Valtra 2617

Wstawił: Tomasz132

Holzs FS

Seeder facing rice fields. It has a pantographic system that improves planting in uneven areas. Both versions have transport wheels, which facilitates the movement of the making to the field.

– Has mode of transport requiring the hitch present in the Various category.
– Required power: 95 hp
– Price: $12.000
– Fertilizer tank capacity: 1260 liters
– Seed tank capacity: 860 liters
– Working width: 4.30 meters
– Working speed: 15km / h
– Compatible with passanger (Kubota DLC)

Transport coupling
Hitch coupled to the tractor used to transport the seeder. Compatible with MF 326 and Valtra Fine BP 2617 SF.

Price: $800

Tandem to use two seeders together.

Price: $2.500
Compatible with two seeders

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