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    Farming Simulator 2022

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    SVK Gorbani V1.0.0.1

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SVK Gorbani V1.0.0.1

Wstawił: Tomasz132


SVK Gorbani is a large 8x map made on real terrain. Most of the buildings are located in a real place, but objects and productions have been added to diversify the gameplay.
The map is currently under development. The modder is posting his work to understand if the map is good and if it is needed, if there will be a demand. The map includes:
- 2 detailed mechanized courtyards for vehicle parking.
- 143 fields from 0.1 ha to 235 ha (hay contracts are being developed and will be available in future map updates).
- 181 purchasable plots.
- 3 purchasable forest plots.
– 2 service stations.
- 1 farm 50% complete (3 others in development).
- 8 points of sale (under development).
- Support for the Precision Agriculture DLC.
- Works contracts.
- Changed economy.
- Sawmill.
- Cattle dealer.

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