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    Farming Simulator 2022

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    TLX 2022 Series

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TLX 2022 Series

Wstawił: Tomasz132


The future of the TLX Series is right here! The 2022 version sets a new standard for options, confont and versatility!

It is compatible with the TLX3500 Crewcab attachments so you don’t need to buy extra!

New and fresh design, options, combinations and lots of fun!

Versions included:
– Regular truck
– Open Chassis
– Weekend Warrior
– Off-road Custom

Options available:
– Colors: Customize it all!
– Mirrors: Stock, Wide
– Extras: Stock, Sidesteps, Snorkle, Roofrack & combinations of them
– Bumpers: Choose between 4 options
– Lighting: Choose between Multiple options and combos
– Wheels: Choose between 30+ options
– Attachers: Gooseneck, rear hitch and front plow mount (TLX2020 Plow) (All hidded when not in use)
– Engines: 6.2L V6 or the CRAZY 6.2L V12 Supercharged

Base price: 42000 $

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