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    Farming Simulator 2022

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    MAN TGS Agri Version V1.0

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MAN TGS Agri Version V1.0

Wstawił: Tomasz132


The MAN TGS in the agricultural version is a very universal vehicle, it’s fast on the street and powerful on the field.

There is also a matching rear weight for the MAN which can be attached to the saddle plate. It can be found under the weights.

Color configurations:
- Main color
- Decal color
- Add-on parts
- Rim color
- Front bar color

- Plastic or painted add-on parts
- Lamp guards
- Flames (decals)
- Exhaust
- Front bar
- Hazard light
- Windshield
- Wheels
- Trailer hitch
- Front Flashlights

Price: 119.000 $
Power: 500 HP

Category: Weights
Price: 650 $
Mass: 3000 kg

For FS22, the light was changed to xenon light and the rear hydraulics were adjusted.
In Farming Simulator 19, the truck came from Agrartechnik Nordeifel.

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