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    Farming Simulator 2022

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    Open field strawberries V1.1.1.2

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Open field strawberries V1.1.1.2

Wstawił: Tomasz132


Instead of greenhouse grow your strawberries on the open field. Fields come in two different shapes to choose from.
-Prices 2800 or 3000.
-Needs water, solid fertilizer and straw to produce strawberries.
-Only loose straw is accepted, not bales.
-Produces faster than the biggest default greenhouse.
-No maintenace cost but the production cost is 1100+/month.
-As an extension you can add an automatic watering and fertilizing system.

- Added automatic watering and fertilizing system for $9500. Can be found under silo extensions.
- Strawberry selling price increased, very high price during the summer.

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