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    Farming Simulator 2022

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    Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production) V2.3

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Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production) V2.3

Wstawił: Tomasz132


- increased Farm Dairy production rate;
- added Precision Farming seed rates for the new crops (needs the latest version of Precision Farming);
- fixed missing distance textures;
- fixed errors on hops vines;
- fixed missing hud images;
- changed grain mill building; now you can get ccm raw, bran, cracked corn and mineral feed as bulk; also if you want you can get back the grain too;
- fixed chickens eating too much (by mistake I've set a chicken to eat as much as a sheep :) - now eats more than base game but a reasonable amount);
- increased egg production rate on chickens and ducks;
- horses, chickens, sheeps and goats don't need straw anymore because won't produce manure (the goat stable still shows straw as requirement, but is no need to fill);
- other minor changes/fixes.

For full map, tutorials and questions check my Discord.


There is still an error when playing without Precision Farming that causes plowing/cultivating to set fertilization state on that field to 100%. Till I will find a fix (most probably after I learn how to make use of the new 64 fruit types support that came with 1.9 patch) you can use Precision Farming mod, because with it no such error occurs.

Also if you encounter glitches as floating crop foliage or two crops on one field (reported by 2 players, never encountered myself and I've played on the same savegame from version 1.1, also I tested the map on several new saves...), you can use Esy Dev mod to "reset" the field that glitched: first set the ground type to plowed, second set the crop type to whatever growth stage was before (or you want).

Required mods
Precision Farming DLC
Fruit Orchard
Hops Equipment

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    dodałem do modów i gra nie widzi mapy