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    Fendt Favorit 500c Pack V1.1

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Fendt Favorit 500c Pack V1.1

Wstawił: Tomasz132

Favorit 509 - 515 C-Series

Changelog (
- added Favorit 509C / 510C version
- added configuration to 3S/70 loader for 4 and 6 cylinder version

With the Favorit 500 C series, Fendt is once again setting the pace in a trend for tractor technology that extends far into the future. Technical progress is inextricably linked to long-term economic benefits for the farmer.

Price: 56,000$
Power: 95 - 150hp
Max. speed: 50 kph

- Fronthydraulic or baseweight
- Claas CTIC tyre inflation system
- Beaconlights
- Warning signs
- Decals
- Front fenders
- Carpet
- 40 kph and 50 kph transmission

Supports SimpleIC.

Fendt Frontloader 3S / 70

With the newly developed front loaders, Fendt once again sets standards as a front loader manufacturer. The design and technology of front loaders and Fendt tractors have been consistently matched. A Fendt front loader offers you the certainty of being tailor-made and optimally designed for every series in terms of lifting power, lifting height and equipment.

Price: 7,200$


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